A Hint of Spice

Oh, FMBN. By what name shall we know ye?

Originally, we were Fitness Models and Bodybuilder Nudes, after the LPSG thread that spawned a Discord server that flowered, flourished then faded all during the heady month of August 2019.

It was resurrected as a Rocket.Chat server for a while. But Rocket.Chat, despite being a nice platform, isn’t conducive to the kind of community we seek to build. In fact, a chat-based community, in general, makes genuine content discovery more challenging—but not as much of an administrative nightmare as a forum system.

So what is FMBN?

We’re Fabulous Men Behaving Naughtily. We enjoy Featured Men Bare Naked. We Flaunt Male Beauty Nightly.

We’re a community of people who admire risque photography and videography of celebrities, fitness models, catwalk stars, and ordinary Joes. We remember talent from years past as we support and encourage up-and-coming studs. We keep abreast of what’s going on in male gay and bi culture. And we grow friendships that span time zones and continents.

We’re FMBN. Care to join us?

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