Our FMBN Blog offers a great place to hear news, gossip and commentary about the world of gay and bi men — culture, lifestyle tips, tea about the famous ones.

To dive deeper into the community, we welcome your presence within our closed, private social network. This platform is privately operated and it runs on a social-stream model similar to Facebook. There’s no cost or ongoing obligation to join.

FMBN Social is designed, in particular, to be a safe space to support sharing. You cannot access it unless you’re a member, and to become a member, you must complete an application process through our ticketing system that entails individual human review by a moderator.

(That’s code for some people will not be approved and also the mods audit activity so if you don’t live up to your end of the bargain, you’ll be removed from the community.)

Candidates who make good potential members include:

  • People interested in participating in a civil, like-minded community that celebrates gay and bisexual men.
  • People with significant archives of photo and video content to share.
  • People who are not averse to explicit content, themes or conversations.

Folks who aren’t likely to make good members include:

  • People focused on trolling, shitposting and politicking.
  • People who are more interested in acquiring content than in sharing it.
  • The local Dutch Reformed pastor. (Unless he’s a closeted hot daddy.)
  • People who attempt to join under false pretenses.
  • People who cannot offer sufficient proof of good intent during the application process.

To get started, visit the Connect to Us page and select “Request Access” as a category. Complete the questions. All of them. Honestly and with sufficient depth that we realize you took the question seriously. You only get one bite at the apple, so make it a good one. Then keep your eyes peeled on your inbox (including, potentially, the Spam folder) to get our determination and, if approved, a link to sign up for the FMBN Social site.

See you soon!