In late December 2019, I started a more rigorous inventory of the “who and what” of my collection of individual guys. I settled on a special Microsoft Access database that tracked the metadata I found most interesting, while I progressed one folder at a time to curate it according to my exacting specifications. That process wrapped up in mid-April 2020—and now, I present JSL’s Binder Full o’ Whores, a living document with periodic updates.

An example from the data-entry screen.

The word whore is an inside joke within FMBN and is not intended as an insult to (most of) the men cataloged within the Binder or as an insinuation that any of them engage in prostitution or other forms of illegal activity. Likewise, the whole idea of a “binder” hearkens to Mitt Romney’s 2012 U.S. presidential campaign, wherein he said he had “binders full of women” already vetted for potential jobs.

So how does this inventory of meat play out? Let’s look at the numbers. A link to the binder follows at the bottom of this page, for you bitches too thirsty to read the footnotes.

Summary Statistics

At the first release on April 15, the Binder consisted of 484 distinct records representing roughly 500 GB of online content. By June 1, it grew to 569 records in the publicly available version and 642 records in total. By July 1, it grew to 659 public and 732 total records. By August, 772 public and 849 total records and 729 GB online. I skipped September, but by October it stood at 945 total records and 864 public records covering 945 GB. Life and the holidays intruded thereafter; the next update arrived in mid-February 2021, bearing 1103 records, 1024 of which are public. Some fun statistics as of the most current release:

  • Blacklists are inconsistent. The do-not-post list for the popular Large Penis Support Group website includes 32 of the men. Just 15 are on the list at Male General. However, only an additional 12 are on both lists.
  • The Binder includes 20,919 still images—roughly 19 per record.
  • The Binder includes 13,916 videos. That’s 12.6 or so per record, on average, for a total of 1.4 TB of video content online.
  • Six records (Tier 7) are not eligible for sharing because there’s some allegation about them that I can neither prove nor disprove.
  • Fourteen records are not eligible for sharing, in whole or in part, because the person who shared the content with me requested that I not recirculate the material. I always honor do-not-share requests.
  • Sixty-nine (lol) records are classified as Tier 5, for elite trading only. These records are included in my statistics but individual fields do not display in the public version of the Binder.
  • Each record is eligible for one or more of several special flags:
    • Curator Favorite (the guys I’d chain to my bedpost): 49 records
    • Embargo Folder (sharable only in part): 7 records
    • Failed Homosexual (sucks at being gay): 30 records
    • Frequently Requested (top-of-charts for trades): 18 records
    • Mega Whore (dirty slut): 37 records
    • Nudes Wanted (no dick shots in my archive, alas): 14 records
    • Vintage Stud (no longer public and active): 61 records
    • Local Whore (from my home area): 13 records

Special Lists

I typically release two versions of the Binder—one that’s the full version with all records and a publicly available redacted version with a smaller number of records. The difference between them represents the contribution four special, private lists:

  • The Black List: Guys who are hard-to-find or who feature “extra” content that most people aren’t aware of. Most of these fellows are on the InstaGay circuit-fucking scene; some haven’t leaked while others have partially leaked but we enjoy special folders of as-yet unleaked material.
  • The Diamond List: Very hard-to-get guys, who are only available because of direct trader relationships. The number of people who know the names of these guys and the nature of the leaked content is likely 20 or fewer, worldwide.
  • The Broadway List: Actors, singers and dancers … leaked by one of their own, for a price. Highly exclusive; if the names on the list get out, the source will almost surely be outed.
  • The Betty List: Any content for which the curator jointly bought into for a one-time sales transaction, often from a celebrity baiter, or very rare/valuable content offered by someone who didn’t understand its value.

To protect the sources and the financial investment in these lists, the names of the men on them are confidential. That’s why I’ve got two lists. Serious traders who want access to these lists have a high hurdle to overcome to earn the requisite trust, including through joining The Grand Bazaar. A positive contribution history within FMBN is a good start.

Alternative Lists

In addition to the Binder, I maintain a few separate archives that aren’t tracked in Access but nevertheless are intermittently available:

  • BDSM (with sub-collections for Bondage Fucking, Breath Control & WS, CBT, Twins, and Whipping)
  • Erotic & ASMR Massage
  • Long-Hair Solos
  • Pulsing Cumshots
  • The Men of Teen Wolf
  • Tiny Cocks
  • Trans
  • Amateur Baits (as of August 2020, it’s 24,272 files over 861 folders at 44.6 GB of content online—but it’s not curated and there are likely some duplicates)

Metadata Crosstabs

But enough of the words. Here are some pretty pictures to enlighten and entertain you.

JSL’s Most-Wanted List

Here’s what I’m most interested in, regarding trading opportunities:

Nudes Wanted:

  • Ahlblad, Benjamin – model
  • Aldous, Max – fitness
  • Anderson, Jarl – model
  • Aynsley, Zac – fitness
  • Black, Dustin Lance – infamous leaked video (not stills)
  • Boselli, Pietro – model & professor
  • Botvid, Hampus – fitness dude
  • Casalengo, Gavin – model
  • Cushman, Wyatt
  • Daley, Tom – athlete
  • Danvers, Ryan – model
  • Dooley, Jacob – model
  • Earls, Mason – model
  • Engeman, Wyatt – model
  • Flihan, Brandon – fitness
  • Gall, Aidan – fitness
  • Good, Brandon – model
  • Grand, Steve – fisted singer
  • Graff, Nathan – model
  • Greasley, Joel – model
  • Haynes, Colton – actor
  • Honeycutt, Nathan – model
  • Ivory, Josh – model
  • James, Tyler – model
  • Janiec, Mischa – fitness
  • Johnson, Toby – fitness
  • Kirchner, Joey – model
  • Koenig, Torben – model
  • Lamb, Aiden – fitness
  • Lawrence, Trevor – athlete
  • Machine Gun Kelly – rapper
  • Martilini, Justin – fitness
  • McElroy, Cameron – model
  • Osborne, Dan – c-list celeb
  • Pullin, Ted – model
  • Saffa, Peter – model
  • Seid, Jeff – fitness
  • Stanley, Carter – athlete
  • Stobbe, Chase – model
  • Straathof, Connor – model
  • Sturm, Paul – model
  • Taylor, Grant – model/athlete
  • Vogt, Nick – model
  • Wood, Bryant – model
  • Zarlin, Nolan – model/OF

Sex Images/Videos Wanted:

All of the above, plus:

  • Geick, Dylan – model and trainwreck (not his JO vid)
  • Leto, Jared – actor/musician
  • Porter-Green, Daniel-James – OF performer
  • Schock, Aaron – disgraced public figure
  • Warner, Kieran – model and exhibitionist (not JO vids)

I also welcome videos for records where I presently do not offer video content.

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