We have been expecting a visit from you. Mr. Sádico will see you now.

He would like to present to you his Ledger, and within this document you will see the options that Mr. Sádico has available to you. Mr. Sádico has searched far and wide and has collected these options over many years.

Now, be a good slave that follows orders. Look through the Ledger and make a choice of an option that you want to see. You will obey your orders or Mr. Sádico will be forced to punish you. We know the last time you were punished, he did not go easy on you.

Click here to review the Ledger.

Do you like what you see? Is that right? We thought so.

The only way Mr. Sádico will allow you actually get a glimpse of these options is for you to request access to FMBN. If you do not request access, Mr. Sádico will chain you to the table and will use his many devices to punish you. If you submit an access request and do a terrible job with your application, Mr. Sádico will punish you for this too.

If you submit an access request and your application is accepted, Mr. Sádico might actually let you see one of the options…

..if he feels like it.

You will obey orders.

Click here to learn about FMBN and how to request access.

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