FMBN: Mid-Winter Update

Wow. It seems like just yesterday it was October and the leaves were turning and the cum was flowing. And now? We’re looking V-Day down the nostrils. Sheesh.

So what’s new in FMBN?

For starters, the most current edition of JSL’s Binder Full o’ Whores has been published; it now clocks in with more than 1,000 records. We’ve seen a few new members come and a few members go, as per usual. For the most part, things are “keep on keepin’ on,” after a lull around the holidays.

We’ve added two new member-run spaces. The Penthouse focuses on straight porn while The Golden Dildo Lounge features some rarer, not-for-wide-circulation content.

Stay warm, folks, and stay safe. And remember, you’re always welcome to apply for membership in our community.

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