FMBN Social: End-of-Year Summary

My, my, my. What an adventure this year has turned out to be.

In early August, minding my own business, I happened to log into LPSG — a rare occurrence — because I was following SERP links for a specific person’s name. I browsed that site a bit and came across a not-yet-banned link to a Discord site. I apparently was an early adopter there. The founder, @Cap, promoted me and a couple other people to “diamond” status in Discord, which granted us some protected channels. Eventually, Cap made me moderator of the whole darn thing.

Discord came and went in a matter of weeks. Apparently, Discord itself deleted the site and banned Cap after a routine review of its servers. At its height, a few hundred people had joined the server. A rag-tag band of us (mostly, the high-contributor crowd) decamped to a privately hosted Rocket.Chat server that I personally established and administered. We stayed there, essentially mimicking the original Discord, until early October, when we more purposefully migrated to a privately hosted HumHub social-streaming platform.

FMBN Social: Current State

Now? FMBN Social enjoys nearly two dozen actively users (almost everyone logs in daily or every other day). In addition to three admin-only spaces and four private groups, the site hosts eight content groups:

  • Athletes, Bodybuilders & Fitness Models: 66 discussion threads, 12 WeTransfer links, 57 GDrive/Mega links
  • Celebrities, Models & Influencers: 197 threads, 22 WT links, 59 GDrive/Mega links
  • Hetero Sex & Bi Orgies: 10 GDrive links [new group]
  • Kink, Trans & Horsehung: 6 GDrive links [new group]
  • Ordinary, Amateur & Unknown Fellows: 14 threads, 29 locker links
  • Pornstars & Camwhores: 74 threads, 59 GDrive links
  • Softcore Gay & Erotic Massage: 4 GDrive links [new group]
  • Twinks, Hipsters & Tiny Cocks: 36 GDrive links

Although FMBN Social doesn’t self-host content—by design, we only accept file uploads of roughly 25 MB max—members have occasionally uploaded a few hundred photos and short video clips, including a lot of funny memes.

And about those locker links? Some of them share just a single file. Others share archives of 8 GB or more. Whoa!

In addition, the personal and social chat we’ve seen here has been great. Members often use the private-message system for one-on-one and group chats, given that the tool refreshes responses in real time. It’s not as efficient as a true chat server, but it certainly works well enough for light duty.

So. In just a few months, we’ve shared more than 300 locker links, hundreds of chat threads, and a grab-bag of serious and smarmy images and vidclips. Not too bad for a community of this size.

My Personal Collection

When all of this started, I enjoyed nearly 4 GB of content accumulated from various sources, going back 15 years. But it wasn’t organized in a sharing-friendly manner; all of it filtered chaotically into just 18 thematic folders. So I created a GDrive. I figured I wouldn’t need more than the free 15 GB. But that was before I started actually organizing, in my downtime, the collection spread across six partitions on my NAS drive.

So now what’s in my private stash? A whopping 384 folders of individually named guys. One of the 384 is a shared folder with more than 180 InstaGay and Broadway dudes, representing a significant financial investment by a group of people, but which includes content that literally fewer than a dozen people worldwide have ever seen.

And, yes, I had to upgrade my GDrive storage. I presently have just shy of 500 GB online and ready to share.

The Future of FMBN Social

As site administrator, I intend to keep the site going strong, focusing on quality rather than quantity. People who wish to join our group are welcome to check out the Connect to Us page for the form, although I encourage them to read more about us and to explore our content philosophy first.

As a privately managed site with strict admission criteria (we refuse entry to more people than we grant it to), we enjoy more freedom than most forum sites, which display long lists of thou-shalt-not regulations because they have to deal with public signups. FMBN Social is a safe community for serious traders of good will.

And in 2020, it’s going to be the best source for content this side of being physically present behind the camera at an InstaGay circuit party.

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