Growing Your Content Library

A common question that arises is: How can I grow my content library without already having access to a group like FMBN Social?

We offer five tips to help you get started.

1. Build a Niche

Although the relative value of studio-produced porn is low — it’s everywhere, including Bing Video searches — building collections of commonly available material that follow specific themes, sometimes proves to be a differentiator. For example, assemble GDrive or Mega folders that feature midgets fisting or twinks getting spanked or grandpas fucking or whatever. The sky is the limit!

Because there’s so much widely available porn legitimately downloadable for free, particularly amateur stuff on some of the tube sites, taking on the role of curator to build themed collections takes the onus off people who like the theme but never built their own collection to match it. And the bright side? It doesn’t cost you anything.

FMBN does not advocate for the violation of creator copyright.

2. Pony Up Some Greenbacks

An active community of traders buy and sell videos commissioned directly by a mix of amateur and pro models. Investment costs vary, but sometimes reaching out directly with an offer can yield surprising results. For example, one OnlyFans model sold his entire corpus of vids to a guy … for $25 for the lot. That said, the nudes of, say, a famous Olympic figure skater presently trade for $200. #YMMV

Other people scrape paid content from sites like OnlyFans or JustForFans. They’ll buy a one-month membership, download all the photos and videos that the creator has ever posted, then package them on torrent sites. Although this practice violates the rights of the creators, it’s nevertheless one the most common approaches to building a library, fast. (Particularly the guys who offer occasional free or deeply discounted month-long memberships.)

This option works for people with the disposable income to play the game.

3. Build Relationships on Instagram

If you’re a hottie in a major city, odds are good you can get into the InstaGay circuit parties. Even if you don’t participate, use your own IG account to build a network of people who share the photos and videos freely taken at those orgies.

Some people practice baiting, which involves falsely presenting yourself to a person (usually a straight dude) in order to elicit erotic imagery. Although FMBN doesn’t practice or condone baiting, there’s a thriving subculture of people who engage in this practice — and then use the resulting content as part of their collection.

4. Use Grindr Horndogs to Your Advantage

Horny blokes on Grindr or Scruff sending you unsolicited dick pics and masturbatory video clips? Save ’em, package ’em, trade ’em.

Believe it or not, there’s also a thriving subculture of guys who share clips on hookup sites and are happy they get shared, because these guys are voyeurs who get off on it.

5. Dive Into Your Archives

If you’ve been collecting for a while, even if it’s just studio stuff, you likely have a bunch of material that, by virtue of its age, is now relatively rare. People like vintage stuff.

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