So, You Want In?

As FMBN Social ups its recruiting game, we’ve seen several applications pass through that weren’t within a country mile of being adequate. We’ve developed this Q&A-style blog post to help you answer the six most common questions — before you apply.

What is FMBN Social?

FMBN Social is a privately administered social-networking site of people who admire the male form and enjoy trading favorite images and videos of men. The infrastructure is privately owned (to avoid service disruptions) and membership is tightly screened (to avoid leechers and copyright trolls).

How is FMBN Social Structured?

The site, which runs on an open-source server tool called HumHub, acts a lot like Facebook. It uses a social-stream logic and a mix of public and private groups to fine-tune access. In addition, we offer a robust private-messaging system for individual or group conversations that offers real-time chat capability.

Members share content through file lockers (GDrive, Mega, WeTransfer, etc.); FMBN Social does not self-host content. In fact, we have a hard upload cap of 25 MB, so although people can post short vidclips and image galleries, almost all content trades through locker links.

The site supports five official content groups:

Betty’s Bar & Dungeon—a SFW place for advice, networking, and deep conversations.
FMBN Central—galactic headquarters, announcements, etc.
The Berkley Horse Diner—an NSFW space for adult discussions, humor, memes, news of the weird, and related chicanery.
The Grand Bazaar—a space for sharing lists to facilitate private exchanges between members.
The Library—post and browse links to interesting content.

Beyond these, members have established several private groups with membership and policies subject to the discretion of the owner of that group.

To protect against leeching and scraping by new members entering under false pretenses, most people keep their links open for only brief periods of time—often less than 48 hours. So if you think you’ll find a vast treasure trove of content if you could just get your foot in the door, think again. On any given day, only a couple of lockers are open, and of those, open links may appear in a content group to which you do not enjoy access. FBMN is optimized for consistent engagement over time and our sharing model is structured to prevent new-member content scraping. A majority of our total membership was removed within one week of admittance for failing to share content. We take this model seriously.

What Content Trades on FMBN Social?

FMBN Social does not limit content except to prohibit what’s illegal in the states of Michigan and New York and in the United States. In general: No underage, no bestiality/necrophilia and no actual rape/assault content.

The clear thrust of most contributions tends toward amateur content, especially of the InstaGay and Broadway crowds and baited college jocks and the like.

FMBN Social does not support performer-specific or studio-specific ban lists, although we are responsive to DMCA/2257 requests. Our TOS is clear that performers, studios or their agents forego their copyright claims if they misrepresent themselves to gain access. Performers curious about whether their content is active on the site are welcome to file a ticket with the administrator for further assistance.

Am I a Good Fit for FMBN Social?

We aren’t looking for users, we’re looking for community members. As such, we impose a strong zero-tolerance policy for leeching and for “porn photocopying” (i.e., merely moving content from one place to another). We’re optimized for trading rare, elite, vintage and amateur content. If all you’ve got are porn vids easily scraped from commercial-studio operators, torrent sites or tube sites, you’re not a good candidate. Likewise, if you just troll Telegram groups waiting for someone else to post something you can silently snatch, you’re also not a good candidate.

Instead, we value people who can let their guard down, engage in chat, share collections too “hot” to discuss publicly, and network with people across the planet.

Members must post well-curated, non-duplicate file locker links in The Library—at least one meaningful link per week. FMBN Social is based on reciprocity of content sharing, so continuous engagement is necessary to thrive in this community.

Sometimes, FMBN Social members share content with a request that it not be widely re-shared. If we discover violations of this confidentiality request, then the offending user gets a permanent, brutal application of the ban-hammer. We do audit popular torrent sites, certain Telegram/Discord groups and specific forum sites, to protect the interests of our community. In particular, we expect that material that does get re-shared to be repackaged. We have a zero-tolerance policy for sharing others’ locker links, so we encourage people to make and share their own copy of an archive.

How Do I Gain Access?

To join, you must visit the Connect to Us page and use the sign-up form. Select the Access Request ticket type (it’s okay to proceed as guest; no need to create an account) and answer the requested form fields.

Answer all the questions thoroughly. Answers that are short and generic will not be approved, and we’re not going to follow-up to clarify. To protect our community, to be considered for membership, you must meet at least one of two criteria:

  1. Be vouched for by a current member. Note, be vouched for doesn’t mean that the person who gave you the link to FMBN is approving you. If you PM’d someone on, e.g., LPSG and that person referred you here, that’s cool, but it’s not an endorsement unless the two of you have a long and positive history together. We are going to ask the person you list as a referral source; if the answer is “I don’t know her,” then that’s not helpful. Likewise, if you found our flyer somewhere or don’t have a referral source, that’s okay. Just tell us how you learned about us.
  2. Demonstrate your preparation to contribute meaningfully to the community. Usually, this is the pathway for people new to us and our members. To meet it, we require demonstration (not just assertion!) that you enjoy a meaningful collection aligned to our overall philosophy. That usually means screenshots of your folder structure or some other evidence of good faith (e.g., a screenshot of your torrent-upload history, or a link to a profile on a site like LPSG where we can view your posting history). We will not take your word for it. Proof is not negotiable. It must also be representative; a single screenshot of the contents of one folder, snapped on a mobile device, isn’t going to cut it.

Check your email and your spam/junk folders. We reply through our ticketing system, but some email providers send our messages to your junk folder.

What Should I Expect Once Admitted?

If we elect to admit you, we’ll close your ticket (sharing the good news, of course) then you’ll receive, a minute or two later, another email with an invitation link to create an account on FMBN Social. Click that link. You’ll be brought into the platform, where your first step is to create your account.

After your account activates, you’ll be auto-assigned to the group FMBN Central. This is a general-access space for announcements. Take the time to read the the Help PDF at the top menu bar. After you’ve acclimated to the site, pick some content groups from the directory and you’re off to the races!

But one caveat: We audit all users, regularly. New users, in particular, are watched carefully in their first few weeks to ensure that they’re a good fit for the community. Being a lurker who doesn’t share makes for a swift one-way ticket out of the community.

The TL;DR Summary …

FMBN Social is a community of active content traders. If you’re willing to demonstrate that you’re a serious trader, and are willing to work within our policies/structure and contribute according to our audit standards, you’re welcome to join us. If all you want to do is acquire porn, without meaningful reciprocity, you’re better off going to MyVidster instead, or to continue with your incessant “bump” and “plz share” posts on MG/LPSG.

5 thoughts on “So, You Want In?”

  1. Hi, I havent been back for a very long time and I see that my account is disabled, would it be possible to get it un-disabled? I have a lot of new content to share but was away due to work for a long time!

    1. Hi Adam,

      If you are interested in joining our community, please submit an access request via the “Connect to Us” link.

      Thank you.

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