FMBN Social started as a social network of people who wanted to freely share content; it grew out of a short-lived Discord server promoted in the Bodybuilders and Fitness Models thread on LPSG. But there’s a point where “freely share” tapers off. In that economic milieu, a few people share stuff that tends to be recycled, and some people merely sit around and leech that content.

Over the last year, FMBN leadership — experimenting with various structural ideas for this community — impaled themselves upon a huge dildo the horns of a dilemma. On one hand, some people are interested in freely sharing and building a community. On the other hand, some people are more interested in private trading. The two groups don’t necessarily overlap all that much.

Thus, FMBN is pleased to share the launch of The Grand Bazaar, a new approach to sharing. Going forward, members of FMBN are free to pick from one of two member types. The first, focused on sharing, requires minimum-participation standards; you’re expected to give as well as receive. The second, focused on trading, is limited to a single space called The Grand Bazaar. There, no audit standards apply. Instead, people are welcome to post what they have and what they’re looking for.

People interested in joining the full sharing community should still follow the normal pathway specified in our So You Want In? post. However, people who want to work the trading side only are welcome to use the Contact Us form and use the drop-down category of Access Request but use the Community Type of Trading. We still want to know what’ you’ve got and whether you’ve been referred by someone. We still want to see screenshots of your folders to verify that you’ve actually got material to share.

The major difference between the trading and the sharing communities distills to content access. On the sharing side, you must periodically share stuff to retain access, but you can see the stuff that other people have shared. On the trading side, we don’t focus on sharing content. Instead, the emphasis is on sharing your lists of content and what you’re looking for, so you can use the PM system (or some other platform) to execute a one-to-one trade.

People are free, of course, to work on both sides of the site.