The Month in FMBN — 11 October 2020

Have you checked out the most current edition of JSL’s Binder Full o’ Whores or Ivana’s Collection yet? While you’re there, consider The Grand Bazaar. The Binder was just updated today, and it’s up to 864 records in the public-facing version.

It’s been a busy season at FMBN lately. Not only has autumn “fallen” upon us, but we’ve done some pretty significant under-the-hood heavy lifting, too. We’ve seen an uptick in memberships thanks to seeding flyers in torrents, and we’ve discontinued the private Content Collection Traders group on LPSG, which proved to be a dud.

What’s New in Content

FMBN experienced its next evolution in content in early October, thanks to a change in our recruiting strategery. Instead of pulling mostly from LPSG, we’ve seen more folks come in from the torrent space. Feedback from some torrenters prompted us to reconfigure FMBN Social’s overall architecture. For starters, all the content spaces have consolidated into just one: The Library. And spaces like IHT have vanished, too. The following public spaces in our site are now open to members:

  • FMBN Central: The default space, for announcements, new members, and general SFW conversation.
  • Betty’s Bar and Dungeon: A place for serious, in-depth, conversation.
  • The Berkley Horse Diner: A NSFW place for adult discussions, humor, memes, news, and related chicanery.
  • The Grand Bazaar: A location for people to post their content and wish lists to facilitate one-on-one private trading.
  • The Library: The hub for all content links, now sortable through a series of topic tags.

In addition, we still maintain a few privately run member spaces, too.

Since collapsing the content groups into The Library on Sept. 20, we’ve seen content including — Shane S., Daniel-James P-G., Chris F., Aaron D., Jared C., Duncan B., Alex, Carsten G., Tony M., 3D Blonde Bear, Roman F., Chris C., Todd M. photog., some VV softcore full-length, some PG full-issue scans, several ToE galleries, Mike, Ricky S., Jevy, Nick S., daffy, Brodie, Noob gains, Liam hungsworth, Chris R., a curated PM collection, Spencer M., Yan, Alexandr, Igor, Derek M., Dylan P., Jake D., Kellan H., Flex C., Marco B., Matt L., Mike S., Mike J., Jake H., Caylan H., some MA galleries, Brody W., tere so flai, Mat P., Andrew M., Jadsen, Blake P., a “men of Michigan” megapack, Jonny & Taylor, Jake D., Neal A., Justin P., Noah S., Ryan F., Vlad C., western guy, x jannis x, Wade J., Jordan, cocky sauce, Chase M., Albifrons, Brian M., Erik S., a bait collection, curve man, stan alone, dong kong, Andy, Andre P., Joel D., Adam C., Ben B., Kieran W., Kurt L., Jamie H., KDM & TF, Aaron L., Max A., some kink vids (including anus whipping!), Nick P., Adam, alex from reddit, Capt. M., muscle god, zetec, a cute german boy, Edward R., Joe H., Joao, and Matt.

Featured Whore of the Week

Lots of people loved the early incarnation of Sebastian Young. A decade ago, he was a favorite tatted-twink performer in the gay-porn space. He was G4P but most people didn’t seem to care. Then came the meth and the downward spiral.

Porn star, drug addict, child molester.

Joshua Noles was born in Florida in September 1982. He started in porn 2006 under the name Sebastian Young and was even nominated for industry awards in 2009, but he largely stopped porn by the mid 2010s on account of his growing rap sheet and drug-abuse problem. By the end of 2012 he had been arrested 11 times in Florida alone. As recently as early 2020 he bragged about having been clean from meth for a year, but a traffic stop in March 2020 proved deadly after he was killed exchanging gunfire with police in Florida. He had long been hooked on meth, and he’d been in-and-out of prison, accumulating several felonies including a child-porn charge.

The worst offense, though, related to his own 5-year-old daughter, who tested positive for an STI. Police later determined that Noles had been molesting her. He also had a conviction for battery against a person older than age 65.

If there’s a hell, we can only hope that Satan will gut Noles with a massive, spiny penis for all eternity.

JSL’s Tipline

Consider using a disposable service like WeTransfer to ensure that your content links both expire in a timely manner and don’t adversely affect your primary storage account if a link should leak.

WeTransfer is great for smaller libraries, generally less than 1 GB or so. Simply upload the content, get a link, and share that link. The service automagically deletes the content after a week, with no further worries for you.

Notes from the Staff 

Thus sayeth JSL:

  • The persona of Ivana has been put into retirement; in her place comes Dom Sádico, who’s a bit less over-the-top. You’ll still find Ivana popping up every now and then to add a bit of color in The Berkley Horse Diner, though.
  • Although formal participation rules for The Library are revoked, you still must share content. Except instead of thou-shalt rules, it’s entirely subjective. You’re advised to avoid looking for the path of least resistance.
  • Remember — we’ve got a new trader-type of member access for folks who are interested in one-on-one trades but not interested in normal content sharing.
  • There may or may not be downtime in the latter half of October for server patching.

FMBN: Where “tricky dick” is a compliment.

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  1. Hey,

    don’t know if you remember me. I was a member of this site a long time ago, and unfortunately my account has been disabled in the meantime. Would love to re-join. Would it be possible to get my account enabled again?

    1. Hi Cedric,

      I will re-activate your account right now. You will be able to login with your old information shortly.


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