The Month in FMBN — 24 July 2020

Have you checked out the most current edition of JSL’s Binder Full o’ Whores or Ivana’s Collection yet? No? Well, hop to it, skippy. And while you’re there, consider The Grand Bazaar.

Summer’s been moving fast, and a lot has happened here at FMBN. As you’ll see!

What’s New in Content

Over the last three weeks, we’ve seen some great new drops:

  • Artistic Gay, Softcore, & Erotic Massage: JSL’s collection ~17 GB collection of gay massage leading to … you know.
  • Athletes, Celebrities & Artists: Lockers for Justs S., Brett S., Danell L., Jesse S., Chris M., Aaron C., Nicholas C., Jeremy R., Pardis A., Sismo K., Colin D., and Spencer M. Plus nude pics of Aron P.
  • Betty’s Bar and Dungeon: Talk about music, conspiracy hypotheses, and trans identity.
  • Bodybuilders & Muscle: Lockers for Nick B., Cooper B., Johnny C., Doug H., Jeff S., Archie W., Ryan B., Iceman, Caleb S., Ben, Gareth H., thex-, Aaron M., Brian T., Stepan P., Jordan C., Jed H., Justin H., and Josh W. Oh, and the fucking-the-pocket-pussy clip and the ass clips of Dylan M. finally dropped! And we had more than 200 stills inserted into the galleries (without lube) by Momo.
  • Camwhores & InstaGays: Lockers for D. & D. H., Andy B., Brandon B, Charlie R., Greg K., Phil C., Cristian L., Frank M., and Edward W. Plus a pair of Chaturbate performers and some still images of Instawhores Connor H., Oliver H., and Marc D.
  • International Hotel & Tower: Much of the usual shenanigans has ensued.
  • Kink, Trans & Horsehung: A new static-image gallery of big dicks, plus lockers for two different mega-endowed Chaturbate performers.
  • Models & Influencers: Lockers for Zac R., Joseph S., Kurt vL., Justin S., Brandon M., Corey S., Matheus H., Chris O., Dan R., Levi N., Owen L., Igor S., Heston R., Tony L., Markus W., Kevin J., and Dallas W. Plus a bunch of photos for the galleries from Momo (née Baby Yoda).
  • Ordinary & Unknown: Lockers for Aidan P. and Malcolm D., and photos of Kevin B.
  • Pornstars & Sex Workers: Lockers for Zoren M., Jay W., Philip D., Rafael A., Alain L., Zach B., Derek M., Matthew C., Kayden G., Christian G., Osvaldo F., Paul C., Chris H., and Brandon H.—plus a collection of CamWithHim performers.
  • Selfie Stick: JSL shares (more) nudes of guys he used to fuck.
  • Special Collections: JSL shares a grab-bag collection of guys for whom he just has one random (naughty) video clip.

Featured Whore of the Week

A muscular Aussie who hit the porn scene several years ago has morphed into a bottom twinky cumslut with a reputation for being a horndog scammer.

Pretty in Kink.

Zoren “Tate Ryder” McKiernan has had an active career, both in studio porn and more recently in amateur porn. He was born in Melbourne in 1993 and entered porn in 2009 at around age 21. He “retired” in 2019, after accumulating more than 80 scenes and originally “retiring” in 2013 after breaking up with then-boyfriend Trenton Ducati.

He’s engaged in the full run of kink, including being double-fisted and pissed upon and bottoming for bareback gangbangs. He’s actually gay, not just G4P.

Speculation is that these “retirements” are actually a function of tourist visas expiring around the same time that boyfriends or sugar daddies (or both) realize he cheats on them with reckless abandon.

JSL’s Tipline

Every now and then, check your folders for open links. A week ago, I noticed that a folder of mine I had opened for someone was still open. It’s not a huge deal, but your default always ought to be to pretend you’re a virgin and just keep it closed. If you must spread wide for someone, clean up (your links) thoroughly after you thank your “partner.”

Notes from the Staff 

Thus sayeth JSL:

  • There may or may not be downtime in the final week of July, for server patching. Depends on the software vendor’s timing.
  • Remember — we’ve got a new trader-type of member access now.
  • Ivana is still a whore.

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