The Week in FMBN — 03 June 2020

Enjoy this double-header; we took a week off from the blog last week because of the Memorial Day holiday in the United States as well as JSL finishing the next release of his infamous Binder. So we recap going back to mid-May, and add a special feature from Mistress Ivana.

What’s New in Content

An orgasm of good material gushered forth in the final few weeks of astronomical spring:

  • Artistic Gay, Softcore, & Erotic Massage: A new image gallery — bromances — featuring erotic stills of clothed males in various forms of embrace.
  • Athletes, Celebrities & Artists: Baby Yoda gives us several dozen images for the galleries, plus locker links for Aaron M., Charles C., and Kyle H. And some pix collections of actors Jordan D., Dan B., and Julian H.
  • Betty’s Bar and Dungeon: Conversation about summer goals.
  • Bodybuilders & Muscle: Roughly 250 new stills from Baby Yoda for the galleries plus a clip of Derek M. courtesy of Zach. Also, locker links for Loic Z., Alex B., Cameron M., Carlton L., Jim E., and Hayden M.
  • Camwhores & InstaGays: Locker links of Charlie R., Stephen C., RJ A., Lorenzo M., Miranda, and Shane S. Plus a photo gallery of Benjamin S.
  • International Hotel & Tower: Ivana browses Rent.Men for personal protective equipment. JSL tells a wacky story of closeted Grindr men in public. Ivana gloats that a lover of trees received his comeuppance while she found a box of signed memorabilia from … porn dudes.
  • Kink, Trans & Horsehung: Eight new vids (1.5 GB) of men getting fucked while being restrained.
  • Models & Influencers: Sixty or so pics for the galleries from Baby Yoda, plus lockers for Ryan D., Brenden H., Kaylan M., and Michael D. Also, a photo collection from JSL for gorgeous model Joel G and an oily tease clip promoting Chase S.
  • Ordinary & Unknown: Lockers for Chris P., Caine J., Tjlife, and Jeremiah.
  • Pornstars & Sex Workers: ChasingBoys blesses us with Grindr pics from real-life porn stars. Lockers for Gavin J., Charlie H., Thane W., and Parker J.
  • Selfie Stick: JSL drops faceless nudes of a guy he used to fuck.
  • Special Collections: JSL’s collection of six baited TikTok’ers plus Ivana’s collection of some GH solos and BGF MMF bi sex scenes.

Featured Whore of the Week

We continue our Featured Whore of the Week by moving to the straight-ish side of the equation, casting our gays gaze upon long-time porn star Criss Strokes, who’s had an eventful last few months.

An evolution — or a devolution?

Performing continuously since 2006, Criss Strokes — born in November 1985 — is a straight-ish porn actor. In his earliest roles, however, he completed a few same-sex scenes with (e.g.) TommyDXXX. His nickname is “the forearm man” because his dick is 9.5 inches long. He’s a favorite of Jake Cruise, who also produced/directed many of Strokes’s videos, which is odd because in the early days, Strokes repeatedly proclaimed that he isn’t gay and was only doing porn to “fuck beautiful women.”

Over the years he’s gained tats and now often wears douche caps to cover his baldness. He’s always been a bit of a lazy fucker, preferring to just lay back and be ridden; if he had the energy of a Bo Sinn, he’d be unstoppable. More recently, he’s had amateur clips leak of him servicing the BBD in the form of being barebacked and eating the load from Ace Rockwood (John Johnson). In the last year or so, he’s allegedly gotten a woman pregnant, got evicted, been on meth, and came out as bi. He’s totally fallen off the rails.

Moral of the story: Meth is bad, kids.

(Devotees of this blog know that this has been the moral from the beginning. See a theme?)

Ivana’s History of Sex

Ivana is happy to present this new column for the community newsletter. In History of Sex, we will examine the origins of today’s sex culture and practices. This column will be included in the weekly newsletter periodically. This first article is the first in a multi-part series that will examine the origins of the sex-work practice, or simply put, how long whores have been around.

The word whore in its current form may have evolved from several similar words that were used in the 1500s. It appeared in Old English as hore, with the rough translation meaning a harlot or prostitute. Similar versions of hore appeared in other languages with the meaning of “prostitute” being the rough translation into modern English, but the various forms of hoor also meaning “to fornicate,” “adulterer,” “friend,” and “lover.” Examining the origin of the modern word of whore brings to light the many different ways the word is used.

While the term whore has only been around since the 1500s, the practice of sex work has been around much longer. Sex work was widespread in ancient times, with sex workers being prestigious members of society in ancient Greece and in Japan. Sex work occurred in the Middle Ages but was not as widely celebrated. If you are a supporter of sex worker rights and think that society has a Medieval attitude towards sex work, you may want to start saying that society has a Renaissance view towards sex work, as negative attitudes and the establishment of laws to prevent and control sex work did not begin to occur until the Renaissance and Protestant Reformation in the 16th century.

In the next column, Ivana will discuss the origins of adverse attitudes towards sex. If you are interested reading more about the origin of the word whore, Ivana found the Online Etymology Dictionary as a great resource when doing research for this article. You can read more about whore here:

JSL’s Tipline

People can be real bitches, sometimes. Particularly in chatrooms and forums, where a “please share” leechdom seems to reign supreme. To help you navigate these murky waters, JSL has penned a new blog post — Some Thoughts on the Fine Art of Content Trading. Read it for the advice, or for the summary of the most common kinds of assholes you encounter at LPSG.

Notes from the Staff 

Thus sayeth JSL:

  • The June 2020 edition of JSL’s Binder Full o’ Whores is complete and posted. It includes more than 100 new records.
  • There may or may not be downtime in the second week of June, for server patching.
  • Welcome to new members Javi and Iblish.
  • Ivana is still a whore.

FMBN: Where the sarcasm means we love you. We love you long and hard.

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