The Week in FMBN — 08 August 2020

Have you checked out the most current edition of JSL’s Binder Full o’ Whores or Ivana’s Collection yet? While you’re there, consider The Grand Bazaar. The Binder was just updated today, and it’s up to 772 records in the public-facing version.

Here’s what’s been happening in the last fortnight.

What’s New in Content

Over the last two weeks, we’ve seen some great new drops:

  • Artistic Gay, Softcore, & Erotic Massage: One-off PH video links, a softcore muscle collection from Ivana, and a locker for Boaz.
  • Athletes, Celebrities & Artists: Lockers for Tom S., Ryan G., Derek C., AJ A., Zach S., Kyle K., Casey R., Chris M., Xavier A., Ian P., Christian M., Jacob K., and Ben T.
  • Betty’s Bar and Dungeon: The cognitive decline of both Biden and Trump.
  • Bodybuilders & Muscle: Lockers for a Hawaiian hunk, Eyal B., Jamie T., Nathan L., Spencer M., Pierre V., Derek M., Jon H., and Ben P. Plus gallery additions and one-offs by Momo.
  • Camwhores & InstaGays: Lockers for Edward W., Dalton J., Felippe B., Cheyenne P., Chris V., Colin B., and Ryan M. Plus a grab-bag of random webcam shows offered by Ivana.
  • International Hotel & Tower: Much of the usual shenanigans has ensued.
  • Kink, Trans & Horsehung: Locker for CurlyHF plus a few PH links.
  • Models & Influencers: Lockers for Levi N., Blake P., Tom C., Tony L., Ben C., Alex G., Charlie M., Josh K., Jace S., Igor K., Ondreaz L., Kevin and Joel B., Kevin B., and Chris S. Plus a few Nick S. images for the gallery and a grab-bag of gallery uploads by Momo.
  • Ordinary & Unknown: Lockers for Luke M., Josh I., Porter O., Chris M., and Cole H. Plus Ivana’s monthly collection of (15) unknown/baited guys.
  • Pornstars & Sex Workers: Lockers for Imanol B., Sinan T., Andrew R., Cory F., Dakota H., Ricard D., Luke L., Mike.
  • Selfie Stick: JSL shares (more) nudes of guys he used to fuck.
  • Special Collections: —
  • The Grand Bazaar: Unredacted content lists.

Featured Whore of the Week

A hunky whiteboi from Arizona: Andrew Rivenburgh was born in September 1992 in Mesa and launched a roughly two-year career (2012 to 2014) with studios like Dylan Lucas, Pride, Randy Blue, and Next Door.

An oldie but goodie.

Over 17 scenes recorded at IAFD, Andrew bottomed in all but one (he flipped in that one). He was a fan favorite—his muscular build, deep voice, big dick, and eagerness to take a pounding always proved delightful.

He hasn’t been seen publicly since his retirement from porn. A rumor surfaced that he’d been arrested, but it’s not clear that he was. It was also suggested that he’s bi, but no credible information about his sexual orientation is currently available.

JSL’s Tipline

When you’re ready to engage in trading, you’ll find it helpful to bring some organization to your collection. But more than that, you’ll find it immensely helpful to offer potential trading partners with enough context to know what you’ve got. Not everyone knows every name on every list. When, for example, I see a person presenting a wish list of 50 names I’ve never heard of, I’m not going to waste my time to research those people. Instead, I’m passing that trader by.

You don’t need to build Binder or Collection — but something as simple as list of names and photos, with perhaps a category rating and some clue as to what you’ve got, will go a long way to building partner relationships.

Notes from the Staff 

Thus sayeth JSL:

  • There may or may not be downtime in the middle of August, for server patching. Depends on the software vendor’s timing. The patch has been delayed for several weeks now.
  • We’ve got a new space called The Gulag. It’s a separation of the “probation” space from the existing “new member” space, to reduce confusion/friction.
  • Confused about the back-and-forth bickering between Alotta Fagina and Robin Spitz-Swallows? Fear not; they’re the test accounts for JSL and Ivana, respectively. We’re just having fun.
  • Remember — we’ve got a new trader-type of member access now.
  • Ivana is still a whore.

FMBN: Where dick slips will echo through eternity.

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