The Week in FMBN — 09 May 2020

Welcome to our second installment of the community newsletter. We’re here to quench your thirst with the latest tea about what happens within the secret sanctum of FMBN Social, a place that’s welcoming and open—but not as open as Laurent’s manhole.

What’s New in Content

Sniff this lovely bouquet of whores:

  • Artistic Gay, Softcore, & Erotic Massage: JSL’s 3.4 GB collection of erotic massage and ASMR videos remains open.
  • Athletes, Celebrities & Artists: Lockers for model Nick R., actor Lou W., trainer Benjamin L., and soccer stud Zaquan A., plus a handful of non-nude stills of American football players.
  • Betty’s Bar and Dungeon: In-depth discussion about the U.S. presidential election, people’s worst sexual experiences, and murder hornets.
  • Bodybuilders & Muscle: Lockers for Shawn D., Qwin V., David L., a bodybuilder couple, Brody W., and Dustin M., plus a video of Logan G. and a bunch of non-nude snap/TikToks from some of Baby Yoda’s favorites.
  • Camwhores & InstaGays: Lockers for Jay D., Dalton D., Bruno D., The Cam Guys, Julian J., and Alex G. Plus a pic collection of fucktoy Alec R.
  • International Hotel & Tower: We reminisce about our favorite FMBN memories plus learn that the coronavirus may really be an STI. Ivana debuts her new persona of Ivana Jerkitov, Agent Double-D69. We also discovered a blog about pornstar mugshots. Oh, and don’t forget the memes.
  • Kink, Trans & Horsehung: Locker links for Scott K. and Calen B., a CNFM collection, and JSL’s 18-vid/2.2-GB collection of hardcore whippings.
  • Models & Influencers: Locker links for Leon Y., Cody O. and Kieran W. Plus a handful of non-nude stills from Baby Yoda, who continues to torment JSL with nothin’ but non-nude pics of Peter S.
  • Ordinary & Unknown: Get ready for the deluge, with another installment of Ivana’s old baited/random archives plus JSL tees up a whopping 212 baited/unknown dudes covering 20.3 GB. Oh, and a bonus locker of now-vanished OF’er John J.
  • Pornstars & Sex Workers: Lockers for Vlad U., Jesse T., Apollo B., Justin B., 10″ Top, and a straight XL boy.
  • Selfie Stick: A conversation about catfishing real-life acquaintances.
  • Special Collections: JSL’s tiny-cock collection (75 pics and 12 vids over 453 MB) joined the linklist. The long-hair solo collection remains open.

Featured Whore of the Week

I remember adoring Tom Faulk. There was something sweet and innocent about that lithe body, boyish face and moppy blond hair that set my loins ablaze. However, he’s now fallen on hard time. Seven years of it, to be precise.

Tom Faulk over the years, from lanky surfer boi to twunky cumdumpster to incarcerated felon.

Tom Faulk—the pseudonym of Jesse Townsend—is a bi porn star working almost exclusively in gay porn. He was born in November 1992 in Texas. His Twitter account bills him as “ex-porn actor and aspiring motorcycle racer.” His Twitter, currently managed by a friend, also includes his drawings and periodic changes to his prison mailing addresses.

He got his start in 2011 with CollegeDudes247 as an 18-year-old and recorded more than 115 scenes through 2019, in addition to some amateur cam work he’s done more recently with his girlfriend. For a while, he worked with studios like Fraternity X, where in one memorable scene he was the featured meat of a very large bareback gang bang.

Townsend has a long criminal history. He was arrested on Oct. 3, 2018, for a host of infractions including possessing/delivering large amounts of cocaine and meth and fleeing-and-eluding in a vehicle. He was held and convicted in July 2019 to a seven-year sentence, with likely release in September 2022 assuming good behavior. Whether such release will be forthcoming is unclear given that the judge has ordered mental-health evaluations for him atop his normal sentence.

In Williamson County, Texas, alone, he’s incurred numerous convictions between 2010 (when he was 17) and 2019 — including a family-violence misdemeanor, two criminal traffic cases, other misdemeanors for assault and criminal mischief, and a triple-felony case. While incarcerated, he’s added several face tats, including the word “death” above an eyebrow. He ran an OnlyFans page for a while that included video scenes with his heavily inked stripper girlfriend. In which, he often wore chastity, shoved apples (!) in his rectum, got pegged, and had his locked-up balls slapped by her. It’s hard to tell from the Twitter narrative, but it appears that some of his more serious legal trouble arose when someone tweeted an up-close video clip of his girlfriend sucking off some guy and he lost his shit.

Moral of the story: Falling hard for an inked-up Latina dominatrix comes with a price.

JSL’s Tipline

On the struggle bus regarding the best way to organize your collection? We’ve pulled together a best-practices checklist for content curation. Taking just a little time to think about file names, de-duplication standards and thumbnailing can make a real difference with your trading partners, as well as your own hard drive.

Notes from the Staff 

A few items of note:

  • FMBN may soon launch an experiment for people to join a “grand bazaar” for content trading without the same participation standards for the community as a whole. Stay tuned.
  • Welcome back to member Karalim.
  • Ivana is still a whore.

Stay thirsty, my bitches.

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