The Week in FMBN — 27 June 2020

Ahh, yes. We’ve passed the solstice. We approach the middle of the year. Many of us are still locked into “stay at home” orders. But at least we’ve got sex, right?

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working behind the scenes to create a new type of FMBN membership—a trading member, as opposed to a sharing member. The difference? Traders are in one special group and don’t have participation requirements. The sharers aren’t focused on private trading; instead, they share their stuff freely and enjoy what others have shared in turn. Check out our page about The Grand Bazaar for more information.

What’s New in Content

Over the last three weeks, we’ve seen some great new drops:

  • Artistic Gay, Softcore, & Erotic Massage: Image galleries for Men in Speedos and Bromances.
  • Athletes, Celebrities & Artists: Lockers for Jimmy B., Jethro W., Nick L., Graham P., Samuel G., Dan B., Bolton B., Jakob H., Cameron D., Jordan B., and James P.
  • Betty’s Bar and Dungeon: Questions about politics, including whether hard-Left gays go too far in “canceling” right-of-center gays.
  • Bodybuilders & Muscle: Lockers for Eddie C., Kyle G., Sean S., Jamal M., Jed H., Eric A., Chris D., Matt A., Veto S., Caleb H., Joe C., Zach Z., Alexandru C., Nick D., Capt. F., and Andrew P. Plus new vids from Derek M. and James E., as well as one-off tease clips from Carlton L. and Lukas S. And we can’t forget the image gallery additions from Baby Yoda, with 80 new pics for a bunch of these fitfluencers.
  • Camwhores & InstaGays: Lockers for Kegan K., Ted M., Drew S., “Marc,” Mat W., “King,” “Brian,” Jeron K., “Ilya,” Edward R., and Angel H. Plus the long-awaited Dylan G. nude video leak!
  • International Hotel & Tower: Several dozen new threads about gossip, whimsy and LPSG shenanigans.
  • Kink, Trans & Horsehung: Two collections, one focused on breath control and watersports and the other on sibling sex.
  • Models & Influencers: Lockers for Ashton E., Christian A., Alexander B., Sean A., Peyton G., Austin T., Joey K., Nick K., Bobby P., and Chris F. And the Evan L. video leaks!
  • Ordinary & Unknown: Lockers for Bruno & Damian, Andrew M., Chris H., Kyle K., Lukus J., Andre C., Chris M., Wesley C., and Carlos M.
  • Pornstars & Sex Workers: Lockers for Nil R., Kieran B., Taylor R., Delro, Nick T., King A., Jake B., Johnny C., “Ex,” Mitchell K., Jaden H., Hunter C., Angel R., John E., Johnny S., Kyle M., Blake M., Lucas H., Thane W., and Logan W.
  • Selfie Stick: JSL shares nudes of two guys he used to fuck.
  • Special Collections: A collection of MFT/FTM trans sex, plus a small collection of clips featuring very large penises.

Featured Whore of the Week

Let’s pivot our featured whore list away from the felons and toward the fabulous.

Pretty in Kink.

Nil Roma is a Spanish model who signed with Lucas Entertainment in June 2019. He’s active in the fetish community as a twink/pup and takes a decidedly submissive role, especially for hairy-bear daddies.

His major foray into porn occurred with Michael Lucas himself, who fucked him so hard on camera that Roma later said it hurt “for months.” Since then, Roma opened an OnlyFans page — light on content — that emphasizes his kinkier side.

Moral of the story: Always stop to pet a pretty puppy.

JSL’s Tipline

Always close your locker links after an appropriate amount of time. Even if you don’t share links in public spaces like forums and Telegram groups, you never know who will grab your link and then other people with access to that person’s link then spam it away.

I’ve seen access requests on old links; when I ask, “How did you get this link?” I’m inevitably ghosted. So you never know. Even when you share links in controlled circumstances, you never know who your partners let into their drives.

Notes from the Staff 

Thus sayeth JSL:

  • The July 2020 edition of JSL’s Binder Full o’ Whores is complete and will be posted on July 1. It includes more than 100 new records.
  • There may or may not be downtime in the second week of July, for server patching.
  • Remember — we’ve got a new trader-type of member access now.
  • Ivana is still a whore.

FMBN: We don’t need no stinkin’ DNP lists.

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