This week in FMBN — 23 August 2020

Ivana is happy to announce that she has modified the structure of catalogs that compose her Collection. There is now the original Collection, which contains many well known names, including those often on “do not post” lists; Voyeur is a catalog containing webcam performers; and Collusion is a catalog of Ivana’s sexy Russian whores. To check out Ivana’s Collection, click here:

While you are at it, why not visit JSL’s Binder Full o’ Whores, you can visit the Binder by clicking here:

Lastly, FMBN also welcomes content traders. To learn about trading at FMBN, visit:

What’s New in Content

Since our last community update, we’ve had some wonderful content drops!

Some highlights:

Artistic Gay, Softcore & Erotic Massage: Joel, a member new to FMBN Social dropped some wonderful image collections from several different studios as well as softcore videos from a well known softcore studio.

Athletes, Celebrities & Artists: Columnar posted some webcam scenes from a c-list actor (Ivana believes C is for a foul name for a woman’s vagaina) and former AAG model; some content from a WWE Raw performer (which Ivana was sad to find out had nothing to do with raw sex); and some other notable performers were also posted.

Betty’s Bar & Dungeon: Discussions on everyone’s current reading lists

Bodybuilders & Muscle: Links to lockers for Derek M., Malik, Cory G., Dylan M., Patrick C., Markus R., Andres V., Justin B., Brady, Frank D., Chase I., Shane S. (along with some tea from Ivana that this model has a football player of a brother), Maxim P., and Eyal B.

Camwhores, Twinks & Instagays: Links to lockers for a performer who identifies as “creamy”, a Russian whore webcam performer that Ivana will abduct and place into her collection, webcam performer Josh, a webcam performer who was once a “Fratmen”, and David R.

International Hotel & Tower: Ivana continued to call people whores, several memes were shared, and essentially the usual shenanigans continue

Kink, Trans & Horsehung: a photo of some unknown model with a big cock, JSL shared kinky content from a Pornhub model who has nice testicles.

Models & Influencers: Links to lockers for Carson M., webcam performer Jarad C., Danny B., Wade P., Domenik P., Fabio I.

Ordinary & Unknown: Links to lockers for several ordinary and otherwise unknown sexy people

Pornstars & Sex Workers: Links to lockers for Alec N., a performer named Riley, Anthony L. (who Ivana also believes is a whore), Derek W., some long haired whore name Clark P., Pedro Z.

Selfie Stick: unfortunately this space has been about as dry as Ivana’s vagina.

Special Collections: Links to lockers containing random webcam performances as well as several digital editions of a “magazine for women” that was only really purchased by 18 year old homosexuals.

The Grand Bazaar: content list updates from Ivana as well as content lists from a new member

History of Sex with Ivana

In the last issue of History of Sex, we discussed the history of the word whore and how the word shows up in many languages over hundreds, if not thousands, of years. We also discussed the origins of sex work, or the work of a “whore”. Today we will discuss the negative views towards sex work and Ivana will propose her theory as to where in history it was decided that being a whore is a bad thing.

Sex work is a common source of employment throughout the history of the documented world. In ancient times, sex work was a common practice in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. In the Middle Ages, sex work was common and according to sources “was not celebrated”, but I prefer to think because of the time and the rise of Christianity in Europe, sex work was just simply that thing that was never talked about.

It was during the Protestant Reformation when sex work began to become the subject of public ire, and attitudes towards sex work changed dramatically, and attempts to eliminate the practice were done through regulation that rendered sex work illegal, and even going so far as outlawing the practice of sodomy.

In the United States, perhaps the harshest measures against sex work were implemented in the late 19th century and early 20th century. A number of anti-sodomy and anti-sex work laws were implemented throughout the country, with Nevada being the only state in the country that allows legal sex work under certain circumstances. The regulation of sex is even heavy in the State of Nevada, with sex workers only allowed to work in specific localities and are required to submit to regular STI / STD testing. In Nevada, HIV Positive individuals are not allowed to practice as sex workers, and if you are HIV positive and do sex work, the individual is subject to heavy fines.

If you are asking, how did we get to such a place? In the Western world, I believe the outright negative views towards originated in Europe, however, the main driver of current negative views towards sex work is driven by American culture. The largest driver of adverse attitudes in American culture came primarily from Puritan settlers in New England who were seeking freedom to practice their conservative form of Christianity away from the clutches of the Church of England. Puritan beliefs regarding sex outside of a union between a man and a woman were highly draconian, I need not explain the detail, if you read the novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, you will understand the importance of matrimony in Puritan society. Could you imagine being stuck on The Mayflower journeying across a body of water to an unknown land with this lot?

In our current time, many European countries have decriminalized sex work, however, prosecution of individuals accused of sex work continues in the United States. Regulation and outlawing of sex work were driven by religious factors as well as attempts to curb sexually transmitted infections. Negative attitudes towards sex workers continue in American society, potentially influenced by the remnant beliefs by the Puritan settlers.

In the next issue of History of Sex, I will begin discussion of homosexuality in history. Did Julius Caesar have a power bottom slut on the side who he drilled out every night? Did Alexander the Great of Macedonia have an army of male sex slaves? The answers may be in the next issue of History of Sex, you will have to read to find out.

Notes from the Staff

-FMBN welcomed several new members to the community.

-Ivana has JSL tied up in her bedroom and that is why he has been notably absent.

-A friendly reminder that FMBN staff do monitor user activity. Users who fail to meet participation standards will be sent off to The Gulag.

-Ivana still thinks Robin and Alotta are both whores.

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